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what we do

design, implementation and project management of all IT networking and Infrastructure.

Computer networking solutions

  • Computer IT networking solutions
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Fiber optic and data cabling
  • Electrical installations
  • Telecommunications / Voice installations
  • CCTV installations
  • General IP infrastructure requirements and Server rooms
  • AV installations

what our clients say

As a law firm, we have extremely high expectations; and as IT plays a critical role in our business, we cannot afford to be patient. Neil and his team have been incredible in their work ethic, turn around time, no-nonsense approach and most importantly, reliability. A highly recommended team!

Michelle Peckham
Technical Operations - Miltons Law

Old school quality - old school service!


Fantastic service, and amazing reliability!


I've used them for 15 years, and I plan on using them for 15 more!


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meet the team

patrick aylward - director

IT Networking

Patrick has been in the industry since 1978 when he started as an apprentice telecommunications technician in JHB, qualified in 1980, and returned to Cape Town in 1985.

He had a brief stint when he was co-owner of a motorcycle repair shop with his cousin in ‘86/87. In 1987 he got back into the communications installations business again when computer networks / network cabling and server rooms were not an exact science as it currently is.

After spending 1990 in Europe he returned to Cape Town and went straight back to computer networking.

He was offered an opportunity in 1995 to get into the networking distribution industry and was a junior director for a short while until the head office closed down and the branches followed soon afterwards.

Patrick then took the opportunity to start his own networking infrastructure and installations company in 1999 and merged with an old business connection in 2003 and was bought out by a corporate IT company who required their expertise and services in-house in 2005.

He spent the next almost 10 years there running the infrastructure division. New CEO, new ideas and the division was palmed off to one of their contracting companies where Patrick spent the next three and a half years.

After some coaxing by his old friend and contractor, Patrick and Neil joined forces in 2017 to start TransmIT Networking Solutions.

Patrick has representation in Gauteng, PE and Bloemfontein.

neil huysamer - director

IT networking

After working for many years as a salaried staff member as an IT Technician, Neil decided to venture out on his own and in 2002 he started up his company whose focus was on networking infrastructure, data, telephone and camera installations.

Over the years, the company grew, forming its own client base (commercial, industrial and retail) as well as being called upon to sub-contract to larger IT companies, some of which included a national footprint.

Neil was also included in some iconic development projects in Cape Town and his client base includes many local brand names.

Patrick and Neil have known each other for over 27 years on both a personal and business level and being like-minded individuals decided to join forces and start TransmIT Networking Solutions.

sandile kemle - projects leader

IT networking

Neil met Sandile a few years ago, and when Sandile expressed a keen interest in the operational aspect of Neil’s business, Neil decided to take Sandile on board and train him personally.

Sandile proved to be a quick study, and before long became integral to the operation.

Sandile is now the Senior Technician / Projects Leader and will continue with all operational projects.

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